May -> June 2023

ARTISANT Newsletter - Monthly Community Updates
Our dynamic flight goes on. Non-stop. Full of awesome adventures and discoveries. Day by day, week by week, month by month, we are doing our best to empower digital fashion, promote web3 values and support the creative community. Thanks for being on board, we are building this world together.
It has been a while since the last update, and we’ve done some very cool stuff over the last 4-5 weeks, which we are so happy to tell you about in this monthly summary. LFG!🚀

35 000+ digital fashion tokens minted

We started this magic back in April, and since then the Community has minted 35 000+ digital fashion NFTs. Each NFT has a central key element of digital fashion artwork created by the most talented and creative designers. It is backed by 3D file and can be used on avatars in various ways. Each NFT has a set of ARTISANT traits - super rare and common. Each NFT is unique and we can see why the Community love to mint them. This is how it should work.
ALL the details about Burning are waiting for you here -

14 000 MATIC given back to the Community

Giving back to the Community has always been our ultimate goal and a privilege. We’re always excited to grab some of our favorite fashion NFTs with super rare and not-so-rare traits from the secondary market. And we love that ARTISANT is the platform for the artists - they exhibit their artworks here and get their commissions for the hard work and talent.
Since April, 14000 MATIC has been used from the ARTISANT Family Fund and to pay back the designers’ commissions. This is how it should be.

ARTISANT Scoring + PUMA x GutterMelo Sneakers NFT

The BIGGEST upgrade since we launched mass minting and Burn and Redeem! It is coming to ARTISANT on 20 July. ARTISANT Scoring - we planned it long ago and this is going to be massive.
It is a nice and engaging gamified tool to make ARTISANT NFT minting even more exciting and fun. Now, every collect, mint, every NFT trait and every rarity brings you points. Every two weeks, points are counted and the top-scorers get super nice rewards, and then the Scoreclash restarts from zero. There is also an all-time rating that counts all your points since we launched ARTISANT COLLECT. The All-Time Mages get their special rewards, too.
But the first ARTISANT Special reward has been revealed already - we love PUMA, and we made some cool collabs together, so we decided to snatch their brand new PUMA x GutterMelo physical sneakers redeemable NFT and make it a prize for the first Scoreclash. Yes, we know you’re very excited and so are we!

ARTISANT Storytelling Chapter 3

The story of the ARTISANT Universe is one of the greatest magic we have - planetary connections, myths, rules, the first-born avatars Ave and Eva - everything that makes our world move in harmony. We released the third chapter that hails the power of your mind and creativity and explains their role in our universe. As always, the story was released with some stunning illustrations - check it out here.

Chiko&Roko collab

As our focus slowly shifts from platform upgrades and hard coding (which takes approximately 99% of our time, to be honest), we will pay more attention to exploring collaboration opportunities and elevating ARTISANT brand.
The first of many collaborations - and a very special one - was Chiko & Roko figurines with ARTISANT design released over three weeks in June. Take a look at the beauty here.

85 000+ Community❗️

ARTISANT remains the most diverse, active and populated digital fashion NFT Community, and we are so proud of each and every one of you out there!
We have crossed another milestone in Twitter (17 000) and keep on hyping in Discord, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram and … Threads.
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