Burn FAQ

All you need to know about the BIGGEST platform update since mass-minting
ꐡ These are your NFT assets.
ꐡ Your art.
ꐡ Your choice.
ꐡ Your chance and luck.
ꐡ This is your project.
ꐡ Your Community.
ꐡ Your decision.
ꐡ Burn it down or hold it forever - you are always in control.
ꐡ You are ARTISANT.

What is ARTISANT Burn?

It is an opportunity to control your collection and overall market supply. You can burn your NFTs forever, and you will no longer have them in your wallet.
By burning NFTs, you also redeem MATIC and ARTI Stars.

Why does ARTISANT implement Burn and Redeem functionality?

This is the essential element to balance and enhance the user experience, as well as the next step towards the upcoming BIG update - ARTISANT Scoring and Rating system.
Three fundamental pillars:
  • It is a personal tool to manage your collection. Any holder can burn any NFTs they like and eventually come up with the perfect collection of their choice.
  • Burn balances Minting. It brings equilibrium to the whole platform, creating an uninterrupted mint-burn-mint-score cycle, where users enjoy stunning digital fashion art, mint unique traits, interacts with the community, get on top of the rating list, and claim rewards.
  • Burn is a foundation for the platform scoring system, something that the ARTISANT community has been eagerly waiting for.
Scoring is going to be the BIGGEST update since we launched mass-minting at the end of March. The system will engage all active users - collectors, minters, digital fashion NFT lovers - to win the coolest ARTISANT perks, like random lootboxes, MATIC, ARTI Stars, super rare NFTs, and NFT wearables.

How to burn ARTISANT NFT?

Go to your NFT collection on the ARTISANT platform, select the NFT you wish to burn, press the burn button and approve the transaction in your wallet.
You can burn 1 NFT per transaction. And there is a limit of 10 NFTs per day.

Which NFTs can I burn?

Any NFT you want - for example, less rare NFTs in your collection. Or something that you don’t what to have anymore. This is always your choice.

What will I get for burning NFTs?

You will get 25% of MATIC paid when minting this NFT. You will also get the ARTISANT Stars, the amount of stars will depend on the NFT rarity.