April -> May 2023

ARTISANT Newsletter - Monthly Community Updates
Another month out - time flies, ARTISANT continues the rise to the Moon, and we are ready to roll out some BURRRRRNING 🔥🔥🔥 news and updates as we always love to keep the best community ever up to speed with our journey.
On the first day of June, we are telling the story of the Burn and Redeem super launch, non-stop minting stats, 9000 MATIC community give-back, the first ARTISANT grand airdrop and a special ARTISANT Scoring announcement. LFG! 🚀

If you burn, BURN IN STYLE

After a massive mass-minting launch at the end of March, we keep the line of bringing on the most exciting updates at the speed of light. ARTISANT remains a strikingly dynamic and vivid digital fashion project that reshapes the fashion, gaming and NFT space in real-time.
The next big thing for us was the challenge to balance the minting and give the community an ultimate tool to control the collection and burn the NFTs that they want to burn. For MATIC and ARTI Stars ⭐️ as a return for burning.
It was a great challenge for our tech team to put everything together. A lot of hard work to align blockchain, backend, frontend and most importantly - a nice and easy user experience. And the outcome was just as great. All worked perfectly well, delivered on time - 500+ ARTISANT NFTs were burned to ashes in the first week, and around 300 MATIC and 3500 ARTI Stars went back to the collectors.
ALL the details about Burning are waiting for you here -

9000+ MATIC - back to Community

Giving back to the community is one of the key ARTISANT principles. We promote web3 values, support creativity, freedom of self-expression, digital fashion and believe in a creative economy.
Amazing fashion design is a centerpiece of every ARTISANT NFT. These unique artworks are created by talented, passionate and incredible designers and artists. In May, they received a commission of 3800 MATIC in total for their hard work, creativity and inspiration.
We also established the ARTISANT Family Hub shortly after launching mass minting to snatch back our favorite ARTISANT NFTs - with super rare traits or any other. We also love to ignite our community with creative open calls and giveaways. 5300+ MATIC has been spent on these activations since the start, and it will go on.

30 000 ARTISANT NFTs minted

ARTISANT NFTs minting and super cool digital asset collecting go non-stop as well. Almost 30 000 tokens have been minted so far, some were burned, and all of them remain bespoke, incredible, digital fashion artworks with ARTISANT random traits.

Massive AIRDROP to ARTISANT holders

1200+ NFT wearables and 13 000 ARTI Stars ⭐️ were airdropped to ARTISANT holders in May as we started and concluded the first ARTISANT Miracle airdrop. Top 50 OpenSea ARTISANT holders as well as holders of random Legendary, Epic and Common NFTs with some specific traits, and holers of the Red Sun super rare trait received some very special perks. ARTISANT Decentraland and Ready Player Me are awesome NFT wearables to have fun in the metaverse.

Mythic Sunrise Drifter

In May, ARTISANT released its first Mythic NFT. And that’s a story to tell. It started off with our Mythic design release, which we hoped would go well. It didn’t. The community expected something much more special for MYTHIC art - more fashion, more exclusive, more handcraft. then took a week to sketch and design the Sunrise Drifter, an amazing piece of digital fashion art. And it was received well. White Scroll holders had private access to mint Mythic first. After, it was available for all to collect and mint. Needless to say, it was gone in less than 30 minutes. Community above ALL! ❤️



ARTISANT Scoring will engage users in a fun series of activities and points rewards. The scoring system will count all actions taken by the ARTISANT community on the platform - like collecting and minting - and apply points according to NFT Rarity, minted traits, collecting and minting uninterrupted run, as well as special super traits revealed in Eva’s Prophecy.

Two ratings:

1 - ARTISANT Scoreclash
There will be a batch rating - each event will run over two weeks and then restart so that anyone can get on top and receive their most precious ARTISANT perks.
2 - ARTISANT All-Time Mages
There will also be a general rating, counting the user's all-time activity.
  • Eva’s Prophecy Before the start of each Scoreclash, Eva will reveal the Traits Prophecy and name three traits that will have extraordinary power over the next two weeks. (We have created an AI prompt where Eva’s choice will be absolutely random).

💎 Perks

At the end of each two-week Scoreclash, the ARTISANT Heroes will be named - they will get super rare NFTs, random loot boxes, NFT wearables, MATIC, and ARTI Stars.

⭐️ ARTI Stars

Users will be able to use the Stars to alter their ratings a little when closer to the end of each of the Scoring Odyssey runs.

Next up

We have lined up some exciting collaborations to announce, at last! Release the Scoring start date, airdrops, ARTISANT Storytelling Chapter 3 and, of course, stunning digital fashion art dropping each and every day. Collect, mint, repeat. With ARTISANT sailing to the Moon 🚀