Rare ARTISANT traits

Every ARTISANT NFT has rarity (common, epic, mythic, etc.) & traits.
Traits are artistic design elements that superpower your NFT, giving it unique details on each art. It’s time to answer the most popular questions about traits.

The magic behind the traits’ alchemy 🪄

They are applied to your NFT at the time of minting based on the ARTISANT mathematical algorithm. The process is purely random & equal.
There are super rare traits, and there are uncommon and common traits.
Traits are closely connected with the evolving ARTISANT Universe storytelling with avatars, characters, planets, rules and challenges.
The story has only started to unveil itself, we have only released two chapters so far, and this is the infinite journey.
Remember, ARTISANT is not a classic 10k NFTs collection.
We are literally reinventing the NFTs game, going our own way with daily fashion art drops, mints, burn & redeem, as well as gameplay, scoring & ratings.
You have a chance to mint your super rare NFT every day.
Some tokens are minted, and some are resold on OpenSea. Some of them are rare, and some are more common. Each fashion token is part of the grand ecosystem. And this is a non-stop process with future Metaverse and in-real-life utilities.

Rare or not? 🤔

Now, you want to know: how to see whether your token is rare or not. It's simple.
After you mint your token on ARTISANT, you can go & check the OpenSea rarity system right away. Open your NFT on OpenSea, and on this page, you can see the description and traits section.
Here, you see % of NFTs that have that trait. Eva’s Eyes trait is super rare - only 0.34% percent of NFTs have it. If you got it - congrats! 🥳
You can also surf through OpenSea rarity filters to see the top list of the most rare NFTs, highest sales, check all possible traits.
⚡️ It is also essential to understand that there will be a new set of traits when we reveal the new chapters of the ARTISANT Universe storytelling and as the platform gameplay kick in in full scale. ⚡️

What are the most rare ARTISANT traits? Here is the answer.

The Red Sun Cosmic Foundation, Eva’s Eyes Symbolic Ornament and all Destinty Framings - Ouruboros, Source Code and Equilibrium Spell. These are super rare - less than 1% of ARTISANT NFts have these magical traits.
There are also some less rare traits like The Absolute, The Dark Void and Aquatic Planet or Eva’s Starsign. Others are more common.
But every NFT and every trait plays its own role in the colossal ARTISANT ecosystem.

Now is the time to reveal some news about ARTISANT NFT burning!🔥

No need to worry if you minted something common or don’t like the set-up of your NFT. Very soon, you will be able to burn any of your NFTs and get some MATIC, ARTI Stars and other perks as a redeemed reward.
We also have a special video for you created with our avatar Eva. This is the best way to understand our traits system. 👉 Check it!