Minting FAQ

ARTISANT NFT minting, rarities and traits: Explained

How do I mint digital fashion NFT on ARTISANT?

It all starts with claiming a free daily fashion drop. Each daily fashion drop has its own rarity that defines the claim time frame - from 72 hrs for Common assets to 2 hrs for Mythic assets.
Once you have claimed the free daily fashion drop, you can mint it as NFT when the minting phase opens.

When does the minting phase open?

It will open right after the end of the free claim time runs out.

How does the free asset rarity affect the NFT minting?

While the free asset rarity defines the claim time limit, the NFT rarity defines the number of tokens available for minting.
For example, you have 72 hours to claim the free Common digital fashion asset, and when the claim time runs out, there will be 3000 Common NFTs available for minting on a first come, first served basis.
Here is the table that explains the full rarity time limits and NFT minting quotas:

What are the minting prices?

What blockchain is used for minting, and which tokens will I get?

This is the most interesting part. All clear with the blockchain - Polygon, as the community requested low gas fees, speed and quality.
And when it comes to the tokens - it is our special tech development that we are very proud of.
After mining, every holder will get a unique ERC-721 token with digital fashion art as the key element, combined with random traits that differ in type and rarity.
The traits combination will define the status and the nature of your NFT. We have developed a system with a random distribution of such traits and the metadata generated at the time of minting.

Tell me more about the random traits distribution and the whole system.

Our team has developed a mathematical algorithm that operates the trait distribution at the time of minting. The algorithm is based on general probability theory, very transparent and gives everyone equal chances of success.
The trait's rarity is preset - some of them are super rare, and some are more common.
It actually reminds the process of mons looting in gaming, the same random principle where the mob can drop something super cool and rare.

What are the random traits, and how do they work?

For now, there are three types of traits: Cosmic Foundation, Cryptic Ornament, Destiny Framing. They are bespoke design elements created by ARTISANT artists, and they form the final shape and look of your unique minted NFT.
The traits reflect ARTISANT Universe storytelling - the mythology, history, avatars and planetary connections of our world.
Your NFT, empowered with random traits, becomes part of the overarching ARTISANT Universe evolution and scoring. Having NFTs with different traits, allows you to score higher ratings, reach new roles and ratings and open doors for future crafting.

How many traits are there?

At the moment - 19. For now, there are three types of traits: Cosmic Foundation, Cryptic Ornament, Destiny Framing. Each type breakdowns into a certain number of traits. Here is the full list:
In addition to random traits, each NFT will have three base traits that are given to 100% tokens: Core rarity (the one from the free claimed asset), asset name, and artist.

What is the value of digital fashion assets?

This is a digital fashion asset, which means it is crafted by a designer like a physical fashion outfit, with all attention to detail and representing the artistic vision of its creator. Basically, it is a piece of art, created carefully, backed by 3D file, that may become part of the Metaverse when the time is right.